Illustration & Animation

A magical world of visual storytelling. Life is motion. Bringing life into design.


Audiences prefer to see your story, rather than read it. In today’s information age, high-quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than textual articles. I create engaging, beautiful content that helps you stand out. It’s fast, simple, and affordable.

Highlight the benefits

Through a combination of icons, illustrations, and/or data visualizations, create unique pieces of visual content to show your message rather than just explain it.


As a pioneer in digital infographic design, I draw on principles proven to increase information retention, creating custom graphics and animations that are optimized for rapid comprehension. Whether for editorial, scientific, or marketing purposes, these graphics allow for visual storytelling that is both informative and engaging.

Motion Graphics

Motion design is a creative way to convey messaging and data that will stick with consumers. People are spending more and more time online watching video, and using motion graphics is a good way to increase customer comprehension and conversion, along with web hits and SEO.

Web Design & Development

Leveraging intelligence and technology as I create great experiences. Just like every brand is unique, every digital initiative needs to be a customized approach.

Brand Identity

Whether you’re looking to launch a brand, create a new brand identity or clarifying your message, I can help uncover your unique voice.

About Me

My name is Gerardo Obieta, I’m a Minneapolis based designer and illustrator from Mexico but,  after spending 14 years in this amazing city I consider myself a local. I love what I do, most of the time you’ll find me working on an illustration, an infographic or animating content for a social campaign. I explore vibrant and colorful concepts, with inspirations of urban art and pop culture. I like to spend my free time with my family but as an amateur photographer, I’m always looking my surroundings for that perfect shot.

I have been working as a professional designer for 18 years. Passionate about this industry, I’m constantly on the hunt following trends and looking for new technologies.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always up for new, interesting and challenging projects.